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This page will have videos that explain what's new in software. Whenever we release a new version our auto update feature will alert you upon logging in. After it installs new version come to this page to see what's new and how to update your trading workspace with our latest and most powerful trading systems.
Risk Disclaimer: Trading spot currencies involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss.  Your trading results may vary.  Because the risk factor is high in the foreign exchange market trading, only genuine "risk" funds should be used in such trading.  If you do not have the extra capital that you can afford to lose, you should not trade in the foreign exchange market.  No "safe" trading system has ever been devised, and no one can guarantee profits or freedom from loss.


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What's New 4.328 Version

This is our most important release in our company's history!  Our currency indexes worked so well and also used too much memory that we built them into our data feed.  Now when you add *EUR *USD etc you can get our proprietary currency indexes (nobody else has these) as regular symbols.  They use 80%+ less memory, are more stable and you can ADD any study/script and settings you want to them!  We have also included our new signals FX Trade Signals that you may have seen us showing over the last few months on our Facebook fan page.  I use these to auto trade and we are now putting them into software for our customers to manually trade. (No auto for many reasons discussed in video).  These are close to 70 rare patterns that are based on swing levels, fibonacci, double tops/bottoms and many of our range patterns I've taught over the years ALL CONFIRMED by our proprietary statistical tools.  In addition to these FX Trade Signals we have enhanced our Fisher Transform and Perfect OSC by building them into software and we did this to make them more efficient and also to use in our FX Trade Signals which we extensively do.

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What's New 4.318 Version

We have greatly enhanced our Volume Profile tool to show you how many pips Up/Down the levels went from previous period.  We've added this technology to our Currency Index charts as well as added the Previous Week's POC.  This may look like a small enhancement but it's HUGE as it allows you to know without even looking at longer term charts if the previous week or day was up/down and how much up/down it went.  This lets you trade with the LONGER TERM TREND and ignore the short term intraday trend or discount it appropriately.  Watch daily blogs each day as I will use this new information to show you how to make trading even easier!

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What's New 4.317 Version

This new release IMPROVES our FX Currency Index where Fibonacci tools now work without having to hold the shift key down. We have also improved our tick caching for Volume Profile, tick, and range charts. This will allow me to start doing Monthly Volume Profile levels which you can then add to your intraday charts. (Monthly Volume Profile POC and Upper/Lower Value areas will be released in about 3 weeks as I save up tick data.) Cached tick data will now load up to 60% faster due to new and vastly improved algorithm!

For IMPROVED PERFORMANCE on Volume Profile charts change the default updating from 400ms (equal to 4/10 of a second) to 2000-5000 ms. Most volume profile charts are not the primary trading chart and they increase CPU usage dramatically due to how complex the drawing is compared to a normal chart. By changing the updating from .4 seconds to 2-5 seconds you can have as many up as you wish and cut CPU usage over 50%!

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What's New 4.316 Version

This new release IMPROVES our FX Currency Index scaling.  Now when loaded the visible bars determine the maximum and minimum price plus padding user sets.  Also when you zoom in/out scaling will adjust within 1 second and when examining previous days data scaling now works on visible range plus padding!
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What's New 4.314 Version - MUST WATCH!

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What's New 4.303 Version

This new release has new Fibonacci Levels 23.6 and 78.6 as well as 1.27 Fib Target.

Smart Trader window shows the 30 min, 60 min, 240 min statistical highs and lows and makes amazing entry levels and places to place stop.  It's small footprint makes trading more currencies easier as well as lets you see ALL IMPORTANT PRICE LEVELS in a tiny intuitive space.
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What's New 4.295 Version

This new version has updated FX Trade Signals which have more types of trades it now finds and increased accuracy.  This is a much more sophisticated, totally rewritten signal tool that we believe traders will love.  We've also updated our FX Build a Trend Histogram and currency meter to weight in ALL TIME FRAMES now including Daily/Weekly/Monthly Trend so its vastly easier to spot which currencies to focus on buying and selling.

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What's New 4.292 Version

This new release has range bar caching which will allow users to have up 250% more charts with Range Bars and our new FX Build a Trend Histogram and Candle Color. People were reporting crashes as they were adding BOTH indicators to charts at same time, something we never thought users would do and this was eating up often 800+ MB of memory unnecessarily so we put in better tick data caching which cuts memory usage by about 60%! POWER USERS unite, our program now can run any crazy workspace FULL OF CHARTS!
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