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Common Support Issues

Support Issue 1) Invalid login/password error.

Make sure you typed in your eSignal login correctly as well as password. eSignal Passwords ARE CASE SENSITIVE so make sure to use upper and lower case correctly and also check your CAPS LOCK key.

Believe it or not some users just MAKE UP ESIGNAL LOGINS and of course this will never work.

With Alpari, MB Trading and Dukascopy you will get eSignal's directly from us, with other brokers through them, and for trial's, purchases and leases you will purchase eSignal data directly from them.

Support Issue 2) Unauthorized User error.

Our software when started checks our database to make sure you're allowed to use it.  If a new user, you may not be setup yet and if you registered and gave us the WRONG eSignal username then this is the cause.  Contact us and provide the correct eSignal login and we'll update our database.  

It's very rare but some users have very slow Internet or are overseas and software times out waiting for a response from our servers.  If this happens check with your ISP or try again in a few minutes.

Support Issue 3) Other

The only other issue traders have are when software crashes.  We have been developing our software for over 8 years and put in code that sends us crash reports so we KNOW what caused the crash and have fixed all the bugs in our software, 100% of them because stability is key when you have a lot of money riding on a trade you can't afford for the software to crash.

Even so, sometimes the software does crash and YOU can fix it if you follow directions below.

The #1 cause of our Forex Software crashing is old and buggy video card drivers. We do NOT use standard windows drawing code and output our charts directly to the video card. We do this as each chart can be moved anywhere on any of your monitors and we don't have the standard window that surrounds almost every other Windows program! It allows you to put order execution or web browser in between charts. This is easy to fix, just update your video card's drivers.

Laptops tend to have old and buggy video cardsIf you do use a laptop make sure it's a HIGH END one that uses AMD or Nvidia chips for graphics (you will NOT have issues). Anything else you are not likely to find up to date drivers and may experience occassional crashes. There's nothing we can do about this as our software was designed for performance first and if you have buggy video card drivers which most laptops do you will experience some crashes until you fix the driver issue or buy a decent laptop. Laptop prices have fallen but make sure you buy one with a AMD or Nvidia video card and check their website to make sure they are frequently updating the drivers for this video card.

The #2 cause of crashes are people create HUGE WORKSPACES that use more memory than their machine has. Many of our tools use massive amounts of data so we recommend keeping your workspaces to less than 30 charts, and 1 or 2 hotlists / quote sheets. In windows run your task manager and usually if workspace is less than 900 Mb you won't have an issue, if it gets over that you may.  Tick and range charts use TICK DATA which shows every price change so on these charts limit the number of days to 2 on your trading workspace.  Many traders like to go back in time and back test strategies, that's fine but do that in a separate workspace than the one you trade with.  Stability is key and we learned this the hard way with our own trading and it's why we have done so much to the software to make it ROCK STABLE for users who follow these rules.  I trade almost every day with it, use AMD high end video cards, update my drivers each and every month and haven't had a crash for about 3.5 years!  

If you are certain you have ruled out the above two causes and are not using a laptop, feel free to email us your workspace and we'll run it and try to diagnose the issue. It's possibly a combination of tools we don't use ourselves causes this and we can usually fix within a day or two!
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